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The Regularness - Updates!

The Regularness - Updates!
By Vik Singh • Issue #1 • View online

Hey friends. It’s been awhile – a whole summer!
First, a couple of quick housekeeping things:
1) I switched newsletter providers to streamline some stuff on my end. This changes effectively nothing for you, just a bit over oversharing.
2) Those of you who were early supporters, I proactively canceled your monthly membership and encourage you to rejoin here.
3) The Regularness will be its own standalone podcast. All future tv & film Poda Bing-style projects will live there going forward. Think of it as a one stop hub for tv/film/music deep-dives (and their accompanying parenthetical asides). One podcast. One feed. Remember what Carmela said: more is lost by indecision than by wrong decision. I am releasing episodes in October so follow @theregularness on all the socials and stay tuned for the first drop.
4) To any of you out there who are content creators yourself or generally interested in content creators and how they do what they do, I started a new project called making .wavs. If you’re curious, you can learn more about it here.
5) Finally, thank you to everybody who’s been reaching out with incredible messages and kind words post Poda Bing. I miss the podcast like you do. It was an incredible undertaking and I hope I can deliver more of the same here. Don’t stop!
That’s all I got. Thanks for reading.
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